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The ATAGO Model Polax-2L Semiautomatic Polarimeter is the ideal instrument for measuring the optical activity of both inorganic and organic compounds. A compound is considered to be optically active if linearly polarized light is rotated when passing through it.

Easy to Use. Operation consists of filling one of the sample tubes with the sample solution and placing the tube on the polarimeter stage. When viewed through the eyepiece, the left and right visual fields will have different brightness levels. The rotation switches are adjusted until fields are of equal brightness. At this point the correct reading can be viewed on the large LED display. The unit calibrates with water - a zero indicator lets the user know the unit is calibrated.
Semiautomatic. The rotation switches have both fast and slow push-button modes. The fast mode allows the Polax-2L to be quickly adjusted to an approximate reading by continuously rotating the analyzer. The slow mode allows the Polax-2L to be accurately adjusted by rotating the analyzer 0.05° (0.1°Z) at a time.
Digital Accuracy. High resolution and accuracy provide substantial precision for the testing of optically active solutions. The digital display and push-button operation both enhance overall precision - no dials to turn, no vernier scales to read.
Electronic Temperature Measurement. Model Polax-2L features a temperature measurement range of 0.0-50.0°C for the sample chamber; it's displayed on the LED display with the push of a button.
LED Light Source. The long lasting LED light sources with 589nm interference filter is intended to last the life of the instrument. Model Polax-2L automatically turns off when the unit is left inactive for a period of more than 5 minutes.


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