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Balances and Scales for all your applications.

Balances and scales from Adam Equipment meet the application needs of the laboratory, educational, industrial, retail and medical fields.

From research analytical balances to compact balances and industrial scales, Adam Equipment has been producing weighing scales, balances and mass measuring equipment for over 35 years.

Customer requirements are the ultimate driving force behind each new product development and Adam's products boast the very latest in technology and user-friendly features. Adam serves the laboratory, education, industrial, retail and medical markets around the world with a wide range of quality balances and scales.

Biochemists in pharmaceutical labs, geologists in the field, teachers in the classroom and industrial workers on the assembly line are among the professionals that count on Adam's products to quickly, easily and reliably meet their specific application needs.

We only sell & ship chemicals to businesses at commercially zoned locations verified by 3rd party sources. A business at a residence will not be able to buy or receive chemicals at that location. Such businesses will not be able to divert shipment in order to meet our policies. No exceptions.