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Our low retention filtered pipet tips ensure increased pipetting accuracy and sample delivery while preventing aerosol bypass. Effectively protecting your work from the danger of cross contamination. Ideal for applications that are sensitive to trace or cross contamination, our hydrophobic porous polyethylene filters protect your sample without introducing contaminants or sealing your sample within the tip. Available sterile only.

Find your pipettor make and model for compatibility:
[A]: P11647-01: 10�L:

[B]: P11647-02: 10�L:

[C]: P11647-03: 20�L:

[D]: P11647-04: 100�L:

[E]: P11647-05: 200�L:

[F]: P11647-06: 250�L:

[G]: P11647-07: 1000�L:

[H]: P11647-08: 1000�L:

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