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C 208 Multi-parameter Photometer for Water Conditioning
  • Monitor 23 parameters for Water Conditioning
  • Easy-to-use
  • Highly portable

Twenty-three of the most critical parameters for water conditioning can now be simply monitored with just one photometer. Instead of having to carry multiple meters or tons of chemical test kits with different color cubes, indicators and instructions, why not just use one simple-to-use meter! HI 83208 measures important water conditioning parameters such as pH, nitrate, iron, D.O. and zinc. All you need to do is collect a water sample in the provided cuvet. Zero it to ensure optimum accuracy. Then add the reagents to the sample and place the cuvet back in the meter. The measurements are then shown in clear figures on a large LCD. Water conditioning control has never been this simple.

HI 83208 is supplied complete with 2 cuvets, bottle for D.O. test, batteries, 12 VDC adapter and instructions.

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HI 83208 : Water conditioning bench ISM meter
HI83208-01HI 83208-01 : Water conditioning bench ISM meter
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