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Field pH Meter
  • Ideal for Harsh Industrial Conditions
  • Affordable and Precise
  • Backlit Display

HI 9126 is an advanced pH/ORP meter specifically designed to provide affordable and very precise results under harsh industrial conditions. The meter also features a backlit display for clear readings in the darkest environments. You can choose from 7 memorized buffer values for pH calibration, from very acidic (pH 1.68) to extremely alkaline (pH 12.45). In addition, the user can program 2 custom buffer values, in order to best fit the characteristics of the sample. When calibration is complete, the electrode condition is displayed, so the user can be sure the electrode is working properly or that it needs to be cleaned or replaced. The user can also set up a calibration time-out from 1 to 14 days to be notified when it is time to recalibrate the meter. HI 9126 is housed in a water proof casing and can also be used with ORP electrodes. It comes complete with HI 1230B pH electrode and HI 7662 temperature probe to provide automatically compensated measurements.

HI 9126 is supplied complete with HI 1230B pH electrode, HI 7662 temperature probe, pH 4 and pH 7 buffer sachets, 100 mL plastic beaker, batteries, rugged carrying case and instructions.

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HI 9126 : Sensor Check portable pH/mV/°C waterproof meter and carrying case
HI9126HI 9126: Sensor Check portable pH/mV/°C waterproof meter and carrying case
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