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Applications include light levels in work places, labs, and schools, environmental studies, biology, optics, reflectance and translucence properties of materials. Compact and portable, can be used to monitor light levels anywhere, or to check the lux level of a particular light source. Use to check compliance with ANSI/NFPA 101, (standards for emergency and exit lighting). 9 volt battery included.

  • 2000 Foot candles
  • Cosine and color corrected, meets CIE photopic spectrum
  • Accuracy: ±(5% + 4d)
  • Resolution: 0.1-1 fc
  • Large easily legible 4 digit LCD
  • Data hold, auto power off, zero adjustment, tripod back
  • Quick and accurate response
  • Comes with carrying case, photosensor cover, instructions

Also available with NIST traceable certificate of calibration

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