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Mg(CIO4)2   F.W. 223.21   CAS 10034-81-8

DOT Shipping Classification:
Magnesium Perchlorate, 5.1, UN1475, PG II

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M0371-02M0371-02 : Magnesium Perchlorate, Reagent, A.C.S. (1 x 500 g)
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§ UPS HazMat Fee : $28.50 / Package
Included in shipping as Handling charge.
Hazmat fee assessed per package, NOT per item in package.

-- --1 x 500 gNoM1060MSDS $149.20 $121.65 Add M0371-02 : Magnesium Perchlorate, Reagent, A.C.S. (1 x 500 g) to Cart

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