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With time and use microwave leakage often develops around door seals, hinges and the metal fittings of a microwave oven. Such microwave energy is capable of penetrating living tissue to a depth of approximately 1.18". For this reason microwave oven manuals often recommend periodic checks of seal integrity. Microwave Leakage Detector 840024 is designed for this purpose and will determine on a pass/fail basis whether the microwave oven is safe or should be returned to an authorized dealer for repair. Since microwave ovens should not be operated empty, a beaker for water is included along with full instructions. No batteries are required as the Detector is powered by the microwaves themselves. Magnetic back for attachment to the oven. Weight: 6 oz. Dim: 4 3/4" x 2 1/8" x 1 3/4"

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M11852-01M11852-01 : Microwave Leakage Detector, Model 840024, 1 EA
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