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Caframo Overhead Stirrers - High performance digital stirrers from Caframo outperform and outlast the competition by as much as 5 to 7 years. Call us today for a free analysis of your application and we'll help find the the stirrer that best fits it!

Caframo’s high torque stirrer BDC1850 is designed and engineered specifically to meet the continuous demands of heavy industrial use.

Caframo’s general purpose overhead stirrer BDC3030 offers you medium high torque and higher speeds for mixing medium viscosity liquids.

Caframo's highest speed overhead stirrer BDC 6015 offers you high speed mixing at 6000rpm

The heart of the BDC line is the high performance Brushless Direct Current (BDC) motor. A unique two speed transmission provides incredible amounts of power. Caframo stirrers are quiet, dependable, maintenance free and ideal for continuous use. Included in each purchase: Overhead stirrer motor, chuck, chuck guard, chuck key, support rod, power cord, manual in four languages (English, French, Spanish and German), calibration certificate and three year warranty. Expect to be impressed!

We only sell & ship chemicals to businesses at commercially zoned locations verified by 3rd party sources. A business at a residence will not be able to buy or receive chemicals at that location. Such businesses will not be able to divert shipment in order to meet our policies. No exceptions.