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  • High-Intensity, Cool Illumination
  • Ultra-Low Housing Vibration & Noise
  • Light Guide Options For Variable Positioning
VanGuard Fiber Optic Light Sources provide efficient heat-free fiber optic lighting for microscopes and other heat-sensitive applications. Fiber optic ring lights & dual and single gooseneck light guides allow for precise positioning for any lighting application.

Model 1200-L150.Capable of operating at 120%, Model 1200-L150 can output light at 180W for those applications where exteme lighting is required (the red zone on the dial indicates when bulb life is being sacrificed for intensity). Its low-profile design fits into tight places; units can also be stacked for multiple light source applications. The rheostat provides smooth intensity control; a separate ON/OFF switch allows the user to maintain the light setting when the unit is powered off. Also features electrical and thermal protection, without having to replace any fuses --the push of a button resets the power in the event of an electrical or thermal overload. Single and bifurcated gooseneck light guides, as well as fiber optic ring lights, are available.

Model 1200-L20.Featuring 20W of fiber optic illumination, Model 1200-L20's heavy-duty, all-metal, convection-cooled design is ideal for equipment lighting where vibration or noise is a consideration. Model 1200-L20 is a high-value/low-cost addition to most microscopes and allows topographical viewing of samples that cannot be trans-illuminated. Features a 20W long-life halogen bulb. Single and bifurcated gooseneck light guides are available.

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