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    The 1400FL Series Fluorescence Microscopes are the flagship of the VanGuard line. Combining top performance with highly-advanced features and optics, the 1400FL Series models produce fluorescence images of the utmost in clarity. Available with brightfield or phase contrast / brightfield.

    Viewing Head. Trinocular (Seidentopf) heads rotate 360° and are inclined at 30°. Both models feature interpupillary and dioptric adjustment. The heads feature a sliding main prism (30 / 70 split) to provide full-time imaging when the vertical tube is in use (70% of the image to the vertical tube and 30% to the viewing eyetubes).
    Nosepiece. Quadruple, reversed, ball-bearing nosepiece with high-grade lubricant and positive stops. The nosepiece is reversed (inward-facing) to allow for easier manipulation of slides and to aid in keeping the objectives clean.
    Delivering a high level of fluid motion control and longevity, the stage measures 140x140mm. Features a removable spring-clip slide holder and a chemical-resistant finish. Motion is controlled by a right-hand, low-position coaxial control and is driven by a rack and pinion system.
    Focusing Movement.Coaxial, ultra low-position coarse and fine focus controls feature a 40mm focusing range and are graduated to 2 microns per division. Fitted with tension adjustment and safety autostop.
    Condenser. Model 1482FL comes with a 1.25 N.A. Abbe condenser. Model 1486FL comes with a 1.25 N.A. Zernike condenser with phase annulus rings for 10X, 20X, 40X, & 100X; also has a ?0? setting for brightfield work. All condensers are mounted on a rack and pinion focusing mechanism and feature spring-loaded centering knobs and an iris diaphragm with a swing-in filter holder.
    Fluorescence Filters.Features a 3-position (2 filter positions and 1 OFF position), sliding, filter cube assembly. Fluorescence models come standard with 2 broadband filters (blue & green). Custom fluorescence filters available on request.
    Supplied With. 20W Halogen Lamp (Spare) (cat. no. M11983-01), 0.5A, 250V Fuse (Spare) (cat. no. M11980-03), Dust Cover, Operation Manual

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