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VanGuard 1200SH & 1200SF Series Stereo Microscopes feature models with 4 different dual-magnification configurations. The precision stereo optics produce high-resolution, three-dimensional images. Optional eyepieces are available to customize any model for specific magnification requirements.

Viewing Head. Binocular heads rotate 360° and are inclined at 45°. All models feature interpupillary and dioptric adjustment, a large field of view, and a 102mm working distance.
Stereo Optics. Dual-Magnification (1X & 2X, 1X & 3X, 2X & 4X, and 1X & 4X models available), revolving turret objectives, parfocal and parcentered.
Focusing Movement. Large, knurled knobs drive rack & pinion mechanism for easy, controlled focusing. Also features a slip clutch mechanism to protect the gears, tension control, and 65mm of total vertical travel.
Upper (Incident) Illumination. 15W variable quartz halogen light source.
Lower (Transmitted) Illumination.
15W variable quartz halogen light source on the 1200SH Series models; 5W cool fluorescent light source on the 1200SF Series models. 0.75A, 250V fuse.
Illumination Switch.
3-Way illumination switch on the 1200SF Series models allows the upper and lower illumination to be on separately or simultaneously.
Stage Plate. Frosted glass stage plate and black/ white reversible stage plates come standard with all models.
Stage Clips. Locked-on, stainless-steel, spring-loaded stage clips.

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